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But it’s possible to take your bike wherever you go with a bike travel bag or case for protection and space efficiency. Below, you’ll find the best bicycle travel bags reviewed, as well as the best bicycle hard travel cases on the market. Hepburn’s EVA Bike Travel Case for 26”/700C/27.5” bikes is ideal for anybody looking to travel with their small road bicycle. In order to fit your bicycle into this road bike travel case, you must remove its pedals and wheels. They will fit snugly into a respective slot once disassembled. The Thule RoundTrip Pro XT Bike Case is the perfect in-between of a bicycle box and bag. It is a soft-shell nylon exterior but is enforced with aluminum poles throughout it to provide stability. To pack your bike away, just remove the wheels, pedals, and seat and put them in their respective sections of the bag. The Thule Round Trip Transition Bike Travel Case is great for those who want to have a sturdy exterior protection of their bike when they travel.

A waterproof and lightweight bag that will keep anything inside dry. If the chances are you will be caught in monsoon weather or wet muddy roads on your next adventure, the Topeak Frontloader Pack could be your solution to dry and clean gear. The lightweight and durable design is great for storing light yet bulky items such as your sleeping bag or extra clothes. Shop for Bicycle Bags, messenger bags, tote bags, laptop bags and lunch bags in thousands of designs to fit your personality. “At Salsa, we believe a sense of adventure makes life better. The bicycle can be so much more than just a bike; it’s a path to new places, new people, and amazing experiences.” Surly is a leading manufacturer of bicycle frames, and was one of the first Fat Bike manufacturers. Super stable and really super freakin’ cute, the Rogue Panda top tube bag comes in a dozen different colors and styles, each with a ferocious panda face stamped on the right side. The long zipper allows you to open the bag wide, and the internal compartment is lined with hi-viz yellow to help you quickly and easily spy the stuff you want. Riders who like to keep their gels, chews, and other adventure fuel organized will appreciate this top-tube bag from Bontrager.

Reflective trims enhance your visibility at night, keeping you in clear view of other road users. This double bike bag attaches to your luggage carrier using the Universal Bridge system, meaning you can fix it in place with simple straps to your luggage carrier. However, you can also attach this to other systems such as MIK, Rachtime and i-Rack / Carrymore. It has a durable construction and is made from 100% polyester which is both weather resistant and keeps your belongings safe. You can fix it on your bike in seconds using the snap-on design and the two Velcro straps which are adjustable. It fixes securely to your seat post just below your bike seat. For added safety when cycling in low light conditions, there are reflective strips on three sides of the bag and a loop to which you can fit a taillight. It fixes quickly to the seat post of your bike using a snap-on method which releases quickly. When you need to lock up your bike for a while and take a break, you can just grab that bag and go – it is small enough to hold easily in your hand.

They’re available in a range of sizes and colors, all of which are highly visible thanks to some Scotchlite reflective fabric. A five-year warranty will also give you some added peace of mind. If you’re looking to carry a decent amount of extra gear without adding a rack to your bike, a pack like Blackburn’s Outpost could be the solution you’re after. It boasts an expandable design with a maximum capacity of 671 cubic inches that makes it ideal for both overnight trips or shorter rides. It also comes with a separate dry bag to ensure that all your gear remains untouched by the elements. The Basil Magnolia is a double-sized bike bag in a striking red colour. This eye-catching bag has a total capacity of 35 litres, making it ideal for storing larger items and a whole host of daily essentials. Constructed from durable polyester, this bag is also water-repellent, keeping contents dry should you chance upon rain.

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Tuck the lining down inside your main bag and press along the top seam. Line up the top edges, mathing the side seams, and sew around the top edge. Box out the corners by ining up the bottom and side seams and sewing across the edge like you did for the main bag pieces. Place your two lining pieces right sides together and sew along the bottom and sides, this time leaving a 3″ gap in the bottom. place your two main bag pieces right sides togethe and sew along the bottom and sides. Cut a 4″ piece of elastic, fold it in half and sew it to the middle of this main bag piece. I like to stitch over it several times just to be sure it won’t pull out when my bag is done. Topstitch around the straps making sure you close up the hole from turning. Silca’s Phone Wallet is the widest on test and is often a snug fit with most jersey pockets.

I’m here to help you plan, prepare for, and execute your first bike tour and remove all the guesswork, wasted time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers. If you opt to ride with only one set of panniers, then you’ll likely want to purchase a larger set of rear panniers (maybe 45 liters?). The advantage to bucket style panniers is that they are relatively easy to get in and out of. You just unzip or unbuckle the top flat of the pannier, roll back the fabric, and then reach inside to get whatever it is that you need. If you want to carry your tent, sleeping bag and/or sleeping mat inside one of your panniers , then having four panniers is ideal. If you are planning to be on the road for one week or less, you can probably figure out a way to carry everything you need in just two panniers.

This is one of my favorite purchases as a full-time cyclist. I am a huge fan of bags that keep me organized and in the system, especially during stressful times on the road. This product came with well-designed pockets and compartments for all my belongings. The journey on the road can be full of unexpected experiences that might cause damage to your cycling bag. So, the PDEEY Bike Saddle Bag is here to save you from those bad moments with its beneficial features. The bag is large enough to hold stuff that I need to carry with me on my trip. This saddle bag almost takes a jersey pocket range because I have fitted all of my essentials in this item.

With an expandable capacity of up to 26 liters, the Jumbo Jammer has enough volume for an enormous amount of gear. Because it has a roll-top closure instead of the side entry that is more common in larger handlebar bags, the Jumbo Jammer is very convenient to use and much easier to access than others we reviewed. The handlebar bag is a staple for bikepackers and a convenient addition for touring and commuting — and these are without a doubt the best bike handlebar bags you can get. One of the most essential pieces of gear to help you commute by bike more is a great bag (or two!) to haul all your stuff. Frame bags are the best place on the bike to carry the heavy stuff. Your bike is designed for the road or the trail, and you know it’s up to the challenge. But how does it cope in the air or with the bangs and bumps of a baggage carousel?

Besides, it comes with an earphone hole to hear direction instructions or listen to music while riding slowly. However, I advise not to do such a thing because it could be a distraction while on the road. This is the best product to support your phones in finding riding routes or answering urgent phone calls. First of all, its sensitive TPU film window supports the touch screen function. Also, the sun visor helps me see the phone screen even on a sunny day. This WOTOW Bike Storage Frame Bag has been my companion for a long time. I can attest to the durability of its polyester fabric structure.