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HW-A is the smallest and lightest laser welding system in Han’s laser welding products. The handheld laser welding machine features the best fiber laser beam, high quality welding seam, high welding speed and without consumables. The handheld laser welder is widely used in welding thin stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, gold, silver, iron, aluminum, other sheet metals and metal tubes.

The heat input is restricted locally and is gentle on delicate electronics. The weld seam can be adapted to various component geometries as desired. TRUMPF uses cookies to provide a variety of services, to continually improve these services and to display advertisements according to the interests of our visitors. By clicking on “Consent” you consent to the use of cookies for the pages, and their sub-pages.

@UV laser marking equipment, which has the characteristics of laser equipment, can realize on-line flight marking function on the assembly line, mainly for the shallow marking of thin fragile items such as photovoltaic solar glass, etc. Line part to achieve hierarchical control, increase the time relay to achieve step-by-step power supply galvanometer board, to avoid current supply caused by current fluctuations, impact on the board. We can easily state with absolute certainty that for such high-quality at such price ranges we’re the lowest around for CNC Laser Cutting Machine, Portable Laser Welding Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Systems. We supply skilled service, prompt reply, timely delivery, excellent quality and best price to our customers. We sincerely desire to build long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial trade relations with home and abroad clients.

The optical fiber transmission laser welding machine has the advantages of good beam quality, fine light spot and flexible installation. It is suitable for welding optical fiber connectors, microelectronic components, medical equipment, precision parts, etc. Lasers welders produce a beam of high intensity light which, when focused into a single spot, provide a concentrated heat source, allowing narrow deep welds and fast welding speeds. The process is frequently used in high volume applications such as in the automotive and medical industries.

When different carbon content of steel welded to each other, the torch can be slightly biased towards the low carbon material side to ensure the quality of the joint. Low-carbon boiling steel is not suitable for laser welding due to the high content of sulfur and phosphorus. In general, laser welding of carbon steel works well and its welding quality depends on the impurity content. As with other welding processes, sulfur and phosphorus are sensitive factors for weld cracking. This is a series of optical processing of laser light to obtain a characteristic beam suitable for laser applications. Due to the very high welding speed of laser composite welding, production time and production costs can be reduced.

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Lasers are better monochromatic, brighter and more directional than ordinary light sources. The induced photon beam , in which the optical properties of the photons are highly uniform. Ease of Use Easier to use products through auto-settings and better visibility. By clicking on “Consent”, you consent to the use of cookies for the pages, and their subpages. Learn more about our eight different manufacturing technologies, watch a video, schedule some training or sign up for our blog in the Learning Center.

LightWELD is a Class IV laser system and routine precautions are required for the safe operation of the equipment. Operator protective equipment including welding gloves, welding shield and 1070 nm laser-safe glasses are required. Electro-optical conversion rate-high laser light output per second is optional. Not only can do pulse welding, but also continuous welding at high frequencies. A variety of hand-held laser heads are available for various needs such as external welding, internal welding, right-angle welding, narrow-side welding, and large spot welding, etc.

All of these factors help to substantially reduce the heat required to generate a quality weld. In fact, you can comfortably touch the workpiece immediately after laser welding. MECCOweld fiber lasers for plastic welding deliver clean and fast welds to improve your efficiency. Our facilities house 15 laser machines that utilize advanced YAG and Fiber welding technology, with output ranging from 30watt to 20kw. What we have described above is just one process, which can be achieved through SPI’s Fiber Laser range. View our main laser applications page to see the variety of other uses that a fiber laser can help with.

At this time, the laser energy should be quickly reduced, and the welding should be performed at a low power to avoid splashing. The laser radiation will cause the base metal to evaporate strongly and form an evaporation groove. The laser beam penetrates into the material through the evaporation groove, and the weld depth and welding efficiency also increase sharply. Once the input power is greater than this value, the transmission of laser energy into the material is no longer limited by heat conduction, and the welding is carried out by deep penetration welding. Such a threshold exists in different aluminum alloy laser welding processing.

What’s more, the adjustable Frequency and Width under Motor Control which are more flexible according to the welding process requirements for different work pieces. It is nice and smooth finishing even with repetitive welding in the same spot. No polish required if Argon or Nitrogen gas is used while welding stainless steel.

If these safety rules are observed, laser welding poses no particular danger. The utilization of this new, fascinating light form was not long in coming. For the first time, it was possible to carry out precise measurements over huge distances.

The manufacture of precise punching, pressing and casting tools by additive or subtractive laser welding is the answer to the challenges of industry 4.0. In practice, much higher temperatures are achieved during laser beam welding. Nevertheless, this spectrum clearly shows how variable this joining process is. It supports time spectroscopy and energy splitting or a combination of these two spectroscopic modes . Multi-channel fiber output, up to 4 fiber at the same time, significant cost savings, improve welding efficiency and reduce equipment space.

The only danger to people present during this procedure is to accidentally look into the laser beam. For this purpose, special protective goggles were developed that absorb, attenuate and disperse the incoming laser light. Provided all people present pay attention to their personal protective equipment, laser beam welding is a particularly safe process. The processes and applications of laser welding are most prominent in the automotive industry, where lasers boost productivity at a low cost when welding automotive parts – such as roof , door or filter assemblies – together. Our Fiber Lasers for welding are supplied as complete units in 19” rack configurations. The carbon footprint is significantly smaller than traditional welding equipment which allows the Laser to be placed close to the application or to use the advantages that fiber delivery can give.

On the one hand to provide additional energy for laser welding, increasing the welding speed and thus the efficiency of the whole welding process. The conversion efficiency of laser welding is generally low (usually 5% to 30%) due to the low absorption of laser light by solid materials, especially after the emergence of plasma . Since laser welding does not require a vacuum environment, remote control and automated production can be achieved through lenses and optical fibers. 4) High processing accuracy due to low average heat input reduces reprocessing costs; in addition, laser welding running costs are lower, thus reducing workpiece processing costs. For example, when hardened steel gears are welded to mild steel drums, proper control of the laser beam position will facilitate the production of a weld with a predominantly low carbon component, which has better crack resistance. Laser welding can be achieved using the continuous or pulsed laser beam, the principle of laser welding can be divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep fusion welding.