Plate and frame filter press filter plate damage, water seepage, sluggish go off, uneven filter cake and other 5 types of fault handling methods, all dry!

At the point when the channel plate of the channel press runs for quite a while, the hole between the screws securing the ears of the channel plate and the channel plate increments, and the ears of the channel plate slacken, causing the channel plate to be pulled awkward when it is relaxed, and the channel plate must be supplanted, bringing about squander.

As per the standard of development bolt, Ezhuang Coal Washing Plant grows the channel plate whose ear gap increases to 18mm in width and 100mm top to bottom with a hand drill, processes a piece of the silk tube, 100mm long and 18mm in internal wire, fixes the silk tube in the extended channel plate ear gap, and afterward fixes the channel plate ear with 18*100 hexagonal bolts, the channel plate ear doesn’t move, which is more tough than fixing it straightforwardly with bolts, and accomplishes the reason for expanding the assistance life of the channel plate by introducing the silk cylinder to fix the channel plate ear.

It is innovative and progressed: basic, simple to make, saves material expense, the channel plate fixed by handling silk tube is strong and solid, durable and sturdy, diminishes the responsibility of supplanting the channel plate, the help life can be reached out from the first a year to two years, 4 channel presses can save 21,000 yuan each month in material expense as indicated by the computation of supplanting 6 bits of channel plate each month. High pertinence, appropriate for most of coal washing plant channel press applications.

To guarantee the typical activity of the weighty metal treatment framework and further develop the slop treatment limit of the sewage treatment framework, as of late, the sewage treatment studio coordinated faculty to effectively finish the update of the channel plate of the suspension shaft channel press.

The upgrade to the lower end of the mud container getting fluid plate for the lifting port rather than the customary lifting strategy, through the holder, mechanical streetcar establishment and water driven chamber and channel plate substitution, depending on their own solidarity, free update of the suspension bar box type channel press, energy saving and utilization decrease simultaneously to lessen the danger and work on functional productivity.

After the review, the central answer for the channel press dumping troubles, the channel plate extension hole is excessively enormous, simultaneously, to additionally extend the upkeep innovation, upgrade the support limit, further develop the work power of laborers and wellbeing support issues, for the protected and stable activity of the sewage treatment framework established the framework.

The plate and casing channel press is the hardware for slop treatment in the sewage treatment framework, its job is to press the muck after sewage treatment to shape an enormous channel cake (mud cake) for disposal.

The functioning standard of the plate and casing channel press is moderately straightforward. First the water powered strain is applied to the plate and casing set and the settled slime enters from the center and is disseminated between the channel materials. Because of the tension of the plate and edge, the ooze can’t flood. Under the high tension of the screw siphon and stomach siphon, the water in the muck leaks out from the channel material and streams into the return pipe, while the mud cake is left in the pit, after which the plate and casing are depressurised, the channel plates are pulled separated and the mud cake falls by gravity.

Harm to the actual plate
Fundamental driver.

1) When the muck is too thick or the dry square is abandoned, it filter plate factory causes blockage of the stock port, right now there is not any more medium between the channel plates just the tension of the water driven framework itself stays, the actual plate is extremely simple to make harm due the prolonged stretch of time pressure.

(2) If the feed is lacking or the feed contains unsatisfactory strong particles, it will likewise make harm the plate outline itself because of unnecessary strain.

3) If the stream outlet is obstructed by solids or on the other hand assuming the stockpile valve or outlet valve is shut at start-down, there is no place for the strain to run away to the degree that harm is caused.

(4) If the channel plate isn’t tidied up, here and there it will make the media spill out, when the spillage, the edge of the plate edge will be cleaned out a little channel, and the huge measure of media spillage makes the tension not be able to rise, and the mud cake can’t be framed.

Treatment techniques.

1) Use a nylon cleaning scrubber to eliminate the mud from the feed opening.

2) Complete the cycle and lessen the channel plate volume.

3) Check the channel material, clean the channel, really take a look at the power source, open the proper valves and delivery the tension.

4) Clean the channel plate cautiously and fix it.

Procedures for the reclamation of channel plates are as per the following.
Following a couple of long periods of utilization, the channel plate, for reasons unknown, makes some gouge marks wash out at the edges. When the gouges show up, they extend quickly until they influence the arrangement of the channel cake. At first the channel cake turns out to be delicate, then, at that point, it transforms into a semi-ooze lastly the cake can’t be framed. Because of the exceptional material of the channel plate, it is hard to fix and must be supplanted by another one, which brings about a maximum usage of extra parts. By and by we can utilize oil surface fix specialist to retouch, explicit fix strategies are as per the following.

1, tidy up the notch, releasing new surface to, accessible little saw cutting edge, and so forth tidy up.

2, high contrast two sorts of fixing specialist as per the proportion of 1:1 organization great.

3, the sending of fixing specialist applied to the score, covered with somewhat higher.

4, immediately set the channel material, the channel plate pressed together, so the fix and channel fabric stay together, while crushing level scores.

5、After pressing for a while, the cement will be normally framed and will never again change, so, all things considered it very well may be utilized typically.

Water leakage between the boards and edges
The fundamental driver of water drainage between the plate and edge are: 1) low pressure driven tension; 2) wrinkles in the channel material and openings in the channel fabric; 3) knots on the fixing surface.

The treatment of water leakage between the plate and edge is somewhat basic, as long as the water driven strain is expanded as needs be, the channel material is supplanted or the nylon scrubber is utilized to eliminate the protuberances on the fixing surface.

Unshaped or lopsided channel cakes
There are many motivations behind why the channel cake can’t be framed or is lopsided, lacking or too flimsy inventory, or blockage can cause this peculiarity. For these disappointments, the causes ought to be painstakingly examined and the issue settled.

The principle arrangements are: increment the feed, change the cycle, work on the feed, clean the channel material or supplant the channel fabric, clean the blockage, clean the feed opening, clean the seepage opening, clean or supplant the channel fabric, increment the tension or siphon power, low-pressure start, constant strain increment and different techniques.

Drowsy activity of channel plate or simple to tumble off
At times an excess of oil or stain on the aide pole can likewise cause the channel plate to move gradually or even tumble off. This is an ideal opportunity to clean the aide bar and oil it to guarantee its lubricity.

One thing to note is that it is totally prohibited to spread meager oil on the directing pole, in light of the fact that slight oil is not difficult to tumble off, making the lower side exceptionally elusive, where faculty working upkeep is extremely simple to tumble down, causing individual injury mishaps.

Pressure driven framework disappointment
The water powered arrangement of the plate and edge channel press is chiefly to give pressure. At the point when the oil hole An is loaded up with more oil, the cylinder moves to one side and presses the channel plate to make it shut. At the point when oil chamber B is loaded up with more oil, the cylinder moves to one side and the channel plate is relaxed.

1、Oil spillage peculiarity

Because of exact assembling, water powered framework disappointments are uncommon, as long as consideration is paid to day by day upkeep. All things considered, because of mileage, oil spillage will happen after each year or something like that, and afterward the O-ring ought to be fixed and supplanted.

2、Pressure can’t be kept up with

The principle explanations behind not having the option to keep up with the tension are oil spillage, O-ring wear and solenoid valve not working as expected.

Normal treatment is to eliminate and really look at the valve, supplant the O-ring, clean and actually look at the solenoid valve or supplant the solenoid valve.

3、The water driven chamber isn’t reasonable for progressing

The pressure driven chamber isn’t reasonable for progression is clearly the air is fixed in the inside, then, at that point, as long as the framework siphoning can be, by and large can rapidly address.