Water Heater Problems And Repair

Motor oil carries hazardous engine deposits away from the engine. Producing confident your water pump is repaired just before it causes engine damage is very essential. Paying close interest to your car and seeing the signs now can prevent critical inconvenience or permanent damage. If you suspect concerns with your water pump , enlist the assist of a certified technician from YourMechanic. Working of the circuit is easy. To switch ‘˜on’ the water pump, contact the cellphone connected to the controller circuit and press ‘˜7’ as soon as the ring stops. LED1 will glow to indicate that the water pump is switched on. The water pump turns off automatically following the preset time. LED1 turns off simultaneously. The ideal way to avoid sudden drops in temperature is to have a reliable tank heater in your tank. There are several heaters in the marketplace at different rates. The cheaper ones are more probably to break or malfunction, costing you a lot more funds in the extended run, and they may not give you an accurate heat setting, which makes sustaining the appropriate temperature in your tank fairly tough. Posted on march 30 2011 by admin. Position the pool sand filter so that the piping connections multiport valve and drain are convenient and accessible for operation and upkeep. Plumbing diagram for pool swimming pumps installation. Joseph Dawes was arrested for violating his probation, according to News Channel eight. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said Joseph Dawes was murdered by one more inmate. Light – Inappropriate or inadequate aquarium lighting can result in fish pressure, poor development and health, minimal activity and coloration of fish. The objective of fish tank lights is to replicate the organic conditions of light in their organic habitat. The appropriate level of daylight that most aquarium fishes demands is up to 12 hours each and every day and it is up to you to supply them the standard days and nights or give them much more than that. In a mechanical pump the actuating lever moves up and down continuously, but pulls the diaphragm down only as necessary to refill the pump chamber. The return spring pushes the diaphragm up to provide petrol to the carburettor. The bypass is also prone to open on startup when the synthetic motor oil is cool and thick. The pressure drop via the filter media is as well higher to pass all the thick oil and some have to go by means of the bypass filter. Again this causes unfiltered oil to pass up into the engine. Do not be concerned as well a lot even though filter style has been like this for years and engines have accomplished pretty nicely. Bussell was detained on charges of a parole violation, according to the Herald Whig The trigger of death was hanging with a torn shee. All of the deoxygenated blood in need of “recharging” returns to the heart through the big veins named the vena cava (anterior and posterior). The two vena cavae empty into the appropriate atrium, the very first chamber in the heart. (Incidentally, a single of the definitions of atrium is a forecourt of a building – which is basically what the atria are: forecourts to the two ventricles.) From there, the blood passes through the one particular-way tricuspid valve into the correct ventricle, which pumps it out via the pulmonary valve into the pulmonary aorta and into the lungs. Ballew was in jail for an alleged probation violation. Ballew was found dead in his bunk, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation records. The night before, Ballew “had placed a medical request on the electronic kiosk inside the cell block however the medical request was placed following medical personnel had left for the evening.” In the request, he complained of chest pains. The GBI autopsy report identifies the result in of death as coronary atherosclerotic disease. My 2005 kia had been running hot, so we put in a new thermostat and the. Is set, the temperature gauge stops working and the radiator fans run consistently. The only dilemma I would mention is your web site is not usernovice friendly. Kia Carnival 2007 Kia Sedona LX 3.8L. So as the coolant passes by means of the water passages surrounding the combustion chambers, it absorbs heat and carries the heat away (the heat is transferred to it). The coolant then flows into the radiator, which has a huge surface region and cool air passing more than it. The cool air support disperse the heat from the coolant(the heat is transferred to the air). I would but the wife wants to keep the warm air heating method as she does not want any radiators on the walls I suspect she doesn’t want all the floors ripped up to run new pipe work.

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The deceased was charged with misdemeanor trespassing, according to the Richmond Times Dispatch. She died much less than 24 hours after being admitted to the state hospital following a mental wellness crisis. At times this will show up as an oil light indicates that there is low oil pressure downstream of the filter (hopefully your oil filter bypass valve is not stuck!). You can guess that occasionally the pressure decrease is not enough to trigger an oil light indication. If a fuel injector has totally failed electrically or a dilemma is present in the handle system, then no amount of cleaners will be able to resolve the problem. Some simple checks would be essential to confirm if the injector is operating properly. Clean fuel injectors are a have to for peak engine efficiency. Dirty fuel injectors can’t provide the correct spray pattern that is essential for clean, efficient combustion. Dirty fuel injectors causes blocking which leads to a massive assortment of engine troubles. These issues consist of a lower in fuel economy, dirty emissions and worse efficiency. The injectors need to have to be cleaned or if the dilemma goes beyond cleaning, then repairing is required. Across the tropics, petrol and diesel water pumps remain popular, as they can appear like the least expensive option in the shop. Nevertheless, there are several ongoing costs for these pumps that pushes their value up more than the lifetime of the pump. Low-cost Fuel: Fuel that has an ethanol blend in it is usually cheaper to purchase at the pump. Your car may not be equipped to manage ethanol blended fuel. Certain combinations of these goals are conflicting, and it is impractical for a single engine manage system to fully optimize all criteria simultaneously. In practice, automotive engineers strive to best satisfy a customer’s needs competitively. The modern digital electronic fuel injection method is far far more capable at optimizing these competing objectives than a carburetor. Fuel efficiency, in its fundamental sense, is the very same as thermal efficiency, meaning the efficiency of a procedure that converts chemical potential energy contained in a carrier fuel into kinetic energy or operate. Alas, J293 knows nothing of low speed and higher speed. It understands only KL_15 and PWM so a TinyTranslator has been devised so that the fans can be used with out waiting for the Huge Bang of Networked Electrics. In current years, many other motorcycle producers have begun producing bikes that at 1st glance, could be mistaken for Harley Davidson. These motorcycles function fatbob-style gas tanks, wide front ends, low frames and V-Twin engines. Upon closer inspection however, one particular can see that the pseudo-Harley engines do not look as strong and workhorse-like as real Harley engines. Set up an engine lifting device to the front side of the engine. Take away the engine mounting bracket. As a result, that pump boosts the stress by three.5 psi, and the fuel flows with the resulting stress to the carburetors. Extra wiring would be needed for TinyTranslator among the factory vehicle harness and the newer fans not only to sense the temperature but also to provide power anytime fan operation might be needed. The low and higher speed signals cannot be ignored because of airconditioning and post-run cooling. That, along with the mounting of the sensor in the radiator is more onerous and substantially much more costly than a easy plug-and-play. Preserve the ignition on to see if your fan is on or not. Engine does not have to be on, if the engines hot enough and the ignition is on, the radiator fan works. Individuals have a tendency to respond with rules of thumb when asked how often they should adjust their oil filter. Each and every three,000 miles” is a widespread response. Usually, those guidelines function fine. Attempt to cover your fish tank with thick blankets, towels, or lots of newspapers layers to maintain the temperature from escaping. With all the bolts out, meticulously bump the cover with your hand or a rubber hammer to break the seal. Meticulously lift it off the head taking care not to drop trash into the valve location. An oil modify can be achieved in most passenger vehicles in 5 simple methods. This is assuming the job is accomplished on a level garage floor, and that the vehicle sits high adequate for you to reach the oil drain plug and oil filter without lifting the vehicle. If there is not enough space, you will have to raise the vehicle with a jack and spot it on jack stands just before starting.

Doria was detained for assault without a weapon, aggravated injury, easy assault and endangerment, according to the Pinal County Supervisor’s Workplace. The lead to of death was hanging. When you switch to the all-electric fuel pump method, it is mandatory that you add labels to the panel that guide the pilot. A radiator fan is as a result employed to keep the temperature of the coolant in verify. As a result, it has an important job. If the radiator fan fails or is not operating correctly, your auto can get seriously damaged, and repairs would cost thousands of dollars. Self-priming pumps are placed outside of the water. The pump’s engine operates the pump housing. The pump housing of a self-priming pump is equipped with a suction and delivery diameter. Using the suction diameter, the pump is capable to suck water by signifies of a suction hose. The finish of the suction hose can be positioned in the supply (below water). The pump’s housing involves a single or numerous impellers. Impellers resemble closed rotor blades that exert a specific suction and compressive force by spinning about. Rotation of the impellers releases these forces and allows the pump to suck up water at a maximum depth of eight metres. The pressure force in these kinds of pumps is often considerably higher and is expressed in head rate, or maximum pressure. As a rule of thumb: the more impellers, the greater the stress the pump can exert. Other pumps that fall into this category contain irrigation pumps, booster pumps and rainwater harvesting pumps. The initial step in diagnosing an overheating problem is to make certain that there is adequate fluid in the radiator. This can be checked by looking in the overflow container. If that is filled, and there is no blockage from the radiator to the overflow container, then the engine must be allowed to cool. As soon as cooled, the radiator cap must be removed and the radiator checked for fluid. Before pouring the new oil into the spout underneath the hood, pour the content of the old oil into your milk bottle making use of the funnel. Wipe the funnel clean and seal the milk carton with its lid. Spot the old oil filter into your Ziploc bag and set each aside for later disposal at your nearest recycling center such as your nearest Fast Modify Oil location. Now place your clean funnel over the oil spout underneath your hood and deposit as many quarts of oil as directed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. After the oil is emptied, replace the oil cap and close the hood. A great insulator just slows down the transfer of power so insulation can be used to hold some thing hot (like a polystyrene cup), or maintain some thing cold (like a cool box). Both of these examples use a material with a low thermal conductivity. 4. Disconnect the hose from the bracket and the fuel pump. Caution: eliminate the fuel filter Nogo ¬ to ¬ tit prevent leakage of fuel. Time to clean the oil filter. I don’t consider it has been cleaned in a extremely lengthy time. The owner’s manual says to unscrew the cover and remove the shaft. See the directions under. Snyder was charged with burglary and resisting arrest. Snyder was held at the jail awaiting transportation to one more institution, and reportedly complained of chest pains. He was transported to a hospital and suffered from cardiac arrest, according to South Strand News. e.g. A box is dragged across the floor with a frictional force of 25N acting on it. If the box is dragged a distance of 3m function is accomplished against the force of friction. In this case the chemical power of your muscles is transferred to thermal energy due to the fact friction causes things to warm up. W=Fs=25×3=75J. Run your engine for 5 minutes just before you commence. Oil that is warmed up will drain quicker. The expense of operating a auto has increased enormously over the final decade, and even owners of an economical automobile like the diesel 205 require to reduce unnecessary spending wherever achievable. 1 easy way to attain this is to do your own oil modifications. As you would know, all internal combustion engines make energy by burning fuel and this energy drives the wheels of your automobile. A mixture of air and fuel is burnt inside the cylinders of the engine and the resulting explosion pushes the pistons of these cylinders that are connected to the crankshaft. Continuous periodic explosions inside the cylinders of the engine set the crankshaft in motion. The crankshaft then converts the linear motion of the pistons into rotational motion that travels by way of the drivetrain of the car and turns the wheels.

You can anticipate labor expenses of a lot more than $100 simply because when the mechanic opens the valve cover, he inspects all the damage inside the cylinder heads, valves and other engine elements. Slaby was arrested for an alleged DWI and allegedly refusing to submit to tests, CBS St. Louis reported. Slaby died of an apparent heart attack, even though the final results have not been released by the coroner’s workplace. The next point you can do to ensure that your cooling fans operate more efficiently is to commence utilizing green cooling fan cords, which work to detect the temperature that electronic equipment reaches and then commence the fans to cool these electronics only when the temperature is elevated enough. Maximum efficiency in delivery of heat to applications. Use no heat exchangers where possible, such as some space heating loops. A domestic hot water exchanger is usually required. Dale was arrested for allegedly violating a protection-from-abuse order, according to the Hutchinson News. Ford f450 fuel filter location. Altering the fuel filters on a 17 67 powerstroke. Ford powerstroke 67l fuel filter alter how to. Nowadays we adjust the fuel filter in the 67 litre powerstroke. Dewitt was charged with violent threats and unlawful possession of ammunition and drugs. He died from Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Illness. Deanda was arrested for alleged willful homicide felony. He hanged himself, according to the Monterey County sheriff’s Workplace. Paul was arrested for allegedly jaywalking and allegedly showing signs of getting under the influence of a controlled substance. Paul hanged himself in his single-particular person cell. For an inverted fuel system, pumps are needed. The tank also has to be modified somehow. 1 approach will be to use an inverted “header” tank with a flop tube mounted just downstream the main tank. The pump is also utilised in automobiles for cooling method that lead to water to circulate, usually consist of a CPU water block. It is the heart of your vehicle cooling technique. The pumps requires its power from the engine. The heart of most of irrigation systems is a pump. It is really vital that the pump must be chosen, which is effective to match the needs of the water supply, the piping system and the irrigation gear. The pump is employed to pressurize the liquid so that it will flow out of faucets. Even though driving or when the water tank is emptied, the water pumps should be turned off to stay away from leaks and harm to the water systems and pump itself. Walker was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and larceny, according to the Statesville Record & Landmark. Walker was identified hanging in a bathroom. The sheriff claimed she did not indicate she was suicidal, and all required checks on her had been performed. When you get a replacement fan clutch, make particular you get precisely the very same kind (thermal or nonthermal) as the original. You could typically upgrade from a nonthermal to a a lot much more effective thermal fan clutch, but hardly ever the reverse. Or, you might get rid on the fan and clutch altogether and set up an aftermarket electric fan kit to cool the radiator. Towel rail – Historically this phrase just meant a rail for hanging towels, but more than current years this phrase has come to mean a radiator that has been created to maintain towels warm and dry. It is now used in each situations. Other terms used integrated heated towel rail and towel radiator. Storage heaters can provide a practical remedy for several home owners for instance, as the heat is released all through the day, storage heaters are more appropriate for individuals who are retired or at home throughout the day. Alternatively, if you operate complete time and do not demand heating throughout the day, storage heaters might not be the best option as heat will be emitted even when you are not there, resulting in unnecessary power wastage. What would occur if you ended up using the incorrect oil filter? The abrasive contaminants in your engine oil would have a field day. With no filter to sift them from the oil, they could chip off other bits of metal and lead to erosion inside the engine. That, in turn, may possibly force you to have a total engine revamp. The fuse should be disconnected. Just before you can function on the fuse box, you need to have to take away the cover from it. The manual will have a diagram that lays out what every single fuse powers. Another way to uncover this is to look on the cover of the fuse box. There will be a diagram showing the place of every single fuse. Subsequent, locate the correct fuse for your fuel pump, get rid of and discard it.

Medel was arrested for violating probation or parole. The cause of death was hanging. Moore was arrested on a burglary charge, according to the News Star. Moore died soon after fighting with yet another inmate in the detention center. Butterfield was held for failure to seem in court on alleged drug possession Butterfield died of advanced peritonitis. To connect the motor to the impeller, the shaft has to pass by means of an aperture in the casing. To permit the shaft to rotate freely in the casing aperture there requirements to be a gap, but this gap wants to be closed off to quit air from getting drawn in from atmosphere or liquid from leaking out throughout operation. Instead of getting to pull the whole fuel tank off to get at the pump, you can pick up inline pumps, that totally by-pass the main pump, and is placed along the firewall in the engine compartment. You connect the fuel lines, and connect it to a power supply. If you never know how to tie it all into your wiring technique, so it only came on when the motor was began, you could place a kill switch, someplace either close to the battery or mounted somewhere in the dash. Newer cars with fuel injection have a slightly various fuel delivery method. Fuel comes out from the tank, by means of the pump and filter, up to the fuel injector rail, then into a fuel stress regulator and back into the tank. These systems are much more difficult than the older car parts, and you have much much more to deal with diagnostic wise. Ives had been charged with seven counts of violation of probation. Ives’ result in of death was pending toxicology results. The jail mentioned he had a history of being involuntarily commited for mental illness. Rocks or Flower pots – The tank ought to be furnished with rock structures or other aquarium ornaments like flower pots to supply hiding and breeding places for fish. When constructing rock structures, be certain that they are stable and will not collapse on burrowing fish. The correct types of rocks for the aquarium include granite, lave, slate, quartz, basalt and sandstone. Demarrias with charged with stabbing a police officer, according to KWAT. Demarrias was located hanging in her cell. The second time we produced an try, we dropped screws, chains and all sorts of other products inside 1 side of the tank (two sided tank). We shook the tank for close to a continuous hour with all those things in there. We then removed the items and flushed the tank with warm water until our hot water heater ran out of hot water. We then ran an air hose inside the tank to dry it out and break up any leftover lining. We then took a Snap On Camera and peered inside the tank. The tank lining was minimized, but not gone by any indicates. We then purchased a item from Sherwin Williams that breaks down Epoxy. Sherwin Williams in fact named their paint engineers to assist in this. They believed that this unique item would eat the epoxy lining. However, sadly, it did not break up the epoxy anymore than the chains and screws had jiggling them about. It was effective stuff nonetheless, it filled the entire service bay with fumes. Whited died of complications of asphyxia by hanging, according to the healthcare examiner. If you use a water pump in your industrial property, ensure that it is of excellent quality. It is due to the fact the good quality of the pump will figure out how smoothly and effectively it will manage the activity of lifting liquids. Also a powerful pump will endure the test of time simply because it is going to encounter wear and tear following each and every single use. To improve the efficiency and operating of your industrial water pump, you can use a number of accessories such as hose fittings and tanks to add a lot more flexibility to it. Cominsky had been arrested on a DWI charge, but it was later dismissed. He was also arrested for alleged reckless driving, a felony hit-and-run and assault on law enforcement, according to NV Daily. Cominsky died by hanging, according to the Office of the Chief Health-related Examiner in Virginia. Each engine assembly from Blue Print is designed for the every day DIYer. It is constructed according to the original specifications of the automobile it is developed for, so installation is easier. It is just critical to don’t forget that since the Dyno testing process employed in the manufacture of the engine included washing of the assembly lube, a pre-lube process should very first be completed before setting the engine timing. The easiest technique to do this is by acquiring a pre-lube tank from the manufacturer, filling it with oil, and then connecting the hose to the block. This is a lot faster and much more economical than manually rotating the new engine. When done, all that is necessary is to set the preferred timing according to the manual from the manufacturer.

The fluid leaving the pump flows very first by way of the engine block and cylinder head, then into the radiator and finally back to the pump. We use these filters to eliminate metallic particles from engine oil and are useless for dust particles. We do not have to replace them often just cleaning them often is adequate. This example shows a substantial reduction in the amount of power used by someone who functions regular hours when comparing a storage heater with an on demand heater, in spite of the electricity getting charged at a larger price than on the prices for the Economy 7 tariff, this could nevertheless be the most cost successful option in this type of situation. Many selections are accessible for outdoors yard warmers as far as outline. One particular option is a story standing yard warmer, or, in other words gas radiator. A smooth complete with great execution adds to the interest. Right here is the original version oil filter by Motorcraft. It a really extended-lasting, trustable, and efficient oil filter since of its excellent manufacturing. Moreover, it keeps the engine oil clean by filtering the particles like dust, carbon, sand, and metal particles before mixing up with the oil and going in the engine. Its distinctive design aids stop the leakage of oil from the engine when it is not in operating condition. In addition, it has a painted physique to resist rusting. Basically, the thermostat is a spring-loaded valve. The temperature of the coolant flowing by way of it determines no matter whether it opens or closes. The thermostats include an electronic switch which can activate the check engine light, warning you way ahead of there is an actual failure. This switch monitors the position and rate of the thermostat and sends a report to the engine pc. This assists with emission warm-up time and also gives you the greatest achievable fuel mileage. If your engine temperature gauge consistently registers low, or begins out higher followed by a drop to normal operating temperature, this could signal the onset of a sticking thermostat. Seek the advice of with a BMW expert immediately if your automobile is exhibiting these symptoms. 1 of the functions of the assembly is the vacuum pump which generates the vacuum for the brake servo. The second function of the assembly is a fuel pump which sucks fuel from the fuel filter to the feed pipe situated in the cylinder head and supplies the injectors. Kustom Cooling set out to address these problems, the result is a one hundred% aluminum radiator that utilizes a totally patented Wavy Fin” design and style, set in a Bar and Plate configuration. The end result is a line of radiators that are far superior to the OEM or current aftermarket options when it comes to high quality, performance, durability and overall reliability. The Kustom Cooling Freightliner Cascadia Radiator has been on the road in numerous fleets for almost 3 years with over 500,000 miles logged without having a single failure. Rather than basically speaking about the item, let’s take a appear especially at what failure points have been addressed so you can see initial hand why the Kustom Cooling Freightliner Cascadia radiator is far superior to any other option on the market. Liter was arrested on alleged burglary charges, according to the Randolph County Herald Tribune. Liter was transported to the hospital in essential condition “after attempting to harm himself,” according to a Randolph County Sheriff’s Workplace news release. Nyberg was convicted of felony possession of a controlled substance, and a gross misdemeanor for obstructing the legal approach with force, according to the Morrison County Record. Nyberg died from a methamphetamine overdose right after ingesting gel tablets filled with the drug, according to CBS Minnesota. The lady who smuggled in the drugs was charged with third-degree murder. There is generally a tag or sticker below the hood that will specify if your engine is equipped to manage ethanol blended fuel. If you own a newer automobile, (year 2002 and up) this need to not be a difficulty I would refer to your owners manual just to be certain. Huff was arrested for alleged public intoxication, according to EnidNews. Griswold was arrested for attempted murder of two Tulare County sheriff’s officers after allegedly trying to run them over. He also was charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer, 1 felony count of evading a police officer, two felony counts of hit and run driving and a single misdemeanor count of resisting a police officer, according to the Fresno Bee. Griswold reported difficulty breathing prior to he died.

Chavious was arrested for an alleged youngster help connected offense, according to WNCN. Chavious died of an current gastrointestinal situation, according to jail officials. TYC 630640 Honda Replacement Radiator Cooling Fan Motor are quality product. It could be a pretty good item for the value. You can scan overview from patrons to uncover out more from their past experiences. The consumers feedback can offer you you a great suggestion of the value and excellent satisfaction of the merchandise. Folks who alter oil frequently (three,000 – 5,000 miles vs. 10,000 – 20,000 miles) can get close enough” overall performance with oil filters that are a handful of bucks more affordable. This article focuses on tire pressure and the importance of possessing good tire valves and tire valve stem cap. 12. Place a finger into the side access hole you uncovered in step 7. Really feel for the throttle lever that pulls the fuel injection pump rack pin forward and back. You need to slide that lever backward or forward till it pulls cost-free of the rack pin as you lift the pump slightly. Roach was arrested for alleged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Tampa Bay Instances. Roach is believed to have died from complications due to a pre-current health-related condition. You must verify for online manuals. Right now on an world wide web you can simply locate a number of sources that may assist you discover the used radiator as per your preferred wants. Nevertheless, it is constantly far more sensible to verify for on the internet manuals or data especially concerning the specification of a radiator. As different models of a same automobile could use radiator whose specification could alter really minutely. It is essential to bear in mind that Δθ is the adjust in temperature, not the temperature at the finish of heating. Not all plants are refineries, even so, and different final results occur elsewhere. In chemical plants, pumps have historically been “throw-away” products as chemical attack limits life. Things have enhanced in current years, but the somewhat restricted space offered in “old” DIN and ASME-standardized stuffing boxes areas limits on the variety of seal that fits. Unless the pump user upgrades the seal chamber, the pump only accommodates a lot more compact and straightforward versions. Without this upgrading, lifetimes in chemical installations are usually about 50 to 60 % of the refinery values. People frequently complain about the worth, functionality and exceeding electricity bill for electric patio heater Consequently, you need to appreciate the pros and cons when choosing the proper outside patio heater for your patio. Some is trending could not suit you, so you should seeking by all the obtainable choices and get the best a single according to your priorities. Right here are some guidelines to aid you selection the proper heater for your space. These oil filters perform in two techniques. Not only they take away impurities, but also they raise the temperature of the oil. In this way, they make contaminants burn off. But they have to use electrical energy for this purpose so consequently, they can improve the fuel consumption of the car. Fuel shutoff valve is a two-position ON-OFF valve, positioned in the floor area among the pilot and copilot seats. The manage is security wired in the “ON” position with018″ diameter mild steel wire (tag wire), which will break effortlessly if the manage must be turned “OFF” in an emergency. The manufacturer recommends replacement rather of repair or broken, worn or inoperative valves. Fuel is delivered to the injector pump by a low pressure feed pump lift pump. Installation of the fuel injection pump 194. When i tried to turn it more than a liquid spilled out of what appears like an overflow tube on the injection pump. Double glazing, cavity walls and insulation all help to minimize the transfer of thermal power from inside the residence to the outside. This means we don’t require to run the central heating for as long, which saves funds and is much better for the environment. Williams was charged with a misdemeanor for battery against his girlfriend. He had a prior battery conviction. Williams died a all-natural death from bilateral pulmonary thromboemboli, according to the autopsy report. He had a history of diabetes and seizure disorder. At low speed mode (106degC), Fan#1 relay clicks on, and both fans will work at low speed. In case one particular of the fans is defective, the other will not spin as effectively. If left on this condition, naturally the engine will get hotter, till it reaches 110degC which will be the high speed turn-on point.