Best Massage Guns

If there’s anything better than the rush of endorphins post-workout, it’s the feeling of someone sinking their fingers into your oh-so-sore muscles for a rewarding massage. Lifepro Sonic Handheld Massage Gun functions quietly with the help of the brushless motor that it is equipped with. This whisper-quiet operation ensures that you can use it while on the go, in the office, at home or in the gym without disturbing people around you.

First off, I prefer having a massage gun that has different speeds. Depending on my workout, I want to have a gentler oscillating motion for low-intensity workouts and a faster motion for when I do high-intensity workouts. Usually, it’s better if you choose one that has at least three speeds so you can find a more comfortable speed.

However, caution should be used since heat can cause inflammation issues to get worse. Remember, working out and using a massage gun is going to increase blood flow and overall circulation. If you’re going to eliminate the toxins and lactic acid released into the blood, water is the primary transporter. Although the science isn’t 100% clear or certain how much water you should drink, 2-3 liters a day is generally accepted as adequate to avoid dehydration. The Bullet- If you’re wanting to use your massage gun for specific trigger points or knots, this is a great choice.

Eight massage heads target every muscle group and ensure complete relief from muscle soreness. With a powerful vibration and quiet motor, this massager definitely holds its own weight against pricier models. The Evieun massage gun is one of the most powerful massage guns on the market, delivering up to 3200 percussions per minute.

Combining heat with powerful, percussive vibrations, this is a two-in-one punch that delivers instant relief. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to ease sore muscles but haven’t given massage guns a try, below are a few options that do a great job of easing muscle pain. Some massage guns come with a flat head attachment, which works better on smaller surface area targets, such as between the shoulder blades and along the length of the IT bands. This term refers to the amount of pressure you can apply to the head of the massage gun before the motor stalls.

NordicTrack makes some of the best home gym equipment on the market, and their recovery massager is no exception. The massage gun comes with three textured attachments to targeted relief and three speeds. It’s lightweight and reasonably priced coming from a legacy fitness brand like NordicTrack. Perfect for amateur athletes, this is a great low-cost yet effective entry into percussion therapy. A percussive massage gun is the “must have” fitness gadget of 2020, and with good reason. I’m not saying this is some magic “recovery tool” that can fix any and every muscle problem, but actually a massage gun can be a HUGE help.

The massage gun comes with six attachment heads and two interchangeable batteries to make sure you’re prepared for all your muscle recovery needs on the go. At the same time, it can provide you with pain relief and relieve your muscle ache as well. The low DB noise output ensures that you will not have to worry about the noise disturbing others when using it. With four different speeds and four attachments, customizing the performance of this massager is not a problem at all.

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The metallic green coloring adds a nice bit of flair and I liked the partially squared grip. I’m glad Sportneer included a zippered carrying case, but sad that it has room for only two of the four massage heads. Those issues aside, this is one mini you should definitely consider. Yet, we would like to warn you that there are some conditions when massage guns should be used with caution. very useful massager gun for getting to the specific and hard-to-reach places, this model with a plethora of attachments ticks all the right boxes. similar massagers feel like they are vibrating, this one feels like real percussion.

The massage gun which we are speaking about now comes along with four different head options. Also, it can help you handle any problem since it consists of 3 different variable speeds. There is a proper heat dissipation factor which allows you to use it consistently. The handheld massager which we are speaking about now is a deep tissue massage. As a result, the blood flow in the muscles increases significantly.

On average, the battery life of a massage gun is from 2-3 hours of continuous high-speed massages. Although some models have a cord, I suggest that you look for one that runs on batteries instead. Overall, I found the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun very interesting and portable. It’s one of the best in the market especially when I don’t have to change from one massage head to another. Of course, if you have specific needs for other muscle groups, you wouldn’t find this device the best candidate to reduce tension in those parts. Nonetheless, the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun can be an ideal starter massage gun if you just want to try how it works.

Massage guns are at the forefront of the new focus on athletic recovery. Here’s what you need to know about the buzziest fitness tools you can get. Just think what a percussive massage could do for your lower back right about now. We’re committed to serving as your most trustworthy athlete resource, on your sport and fitness journey. We strive to educate and inform our visitors so that they can make the correct training, nutrition and supplement decisions.

Besides, the latest 2021 version is fitted with a high-quality motor, has a super-strong heat dissipation function and increase in the number of working hours. All these features make the latest version a desirable and satisfactory product for all its users. The gun is safer as it does not overheat during usage, noise-free due to the new and advanced motor and more efficient due to the long working hours. DamKee’s well-built and highly efficient professional massage gun comes with an impressive one-year warranty.