The functioning rule and interaction of a channel press

Three methods of activity of the channel press

Self-loader mode: Press the beginning button and it is programmed from the end of the chamber to the furthest limit of the initial cycle. Press the beginning button again to begin the following cycle.
Programmed mode: Press the beginning button and the channel press will work an endless series of cycles until the stop button is squeezed.
◆ Manual mode: It is utilized when adjusting the gear, for example the channel press can run or stop anytime in the cycle.

Working guideline

  The principle chamber drives the moving plate to close each channel chamber, and the stomach siphon driven by water powered tension infuses the slurry uniformly into the channel chamber framed by the contiguous channel plates, and keeps on taking care of the slurry subsequent to filling the channel chamber, applying strain to the slurry inside the channel chamber, making the greater part of the filtrate go through the channel fabric and stream out from the sections on the channel plates. The second dewatering is completed by mechanical crushing or stomach squeezing to decrease the volume of the channel chamber, and high tension air is gone uniformly through the whole part of the channel cake to supplant the air and water and remove the lingering water in the channel cake. At last the really water powered chamber begins working and the associating bar drives the moving plate to open the channel chamber and put down the channel cake.

Squeezing interaction of channel plate
The super water powered chamber acts and the associating filter press for sludge dewatering bar drives the moving plate to squeeze all the channel plates, framing a channel chamber between two contiguous plates.

Channel press process
The stomach siphon infuses the slurry into the channel chamber through the slurry assortment pipe. At the point when the slurry fills the chamber, the slurry inside the chamber keeps on being squeezed and sifting is completed to shape a strong fluid partition.

One blowing process
Under the activity of high strain air, the channel fabric is cleaned and the filtrate left in the sections of the channel plate is removed.

Auxiliary blowing process
To additionally lessen the water content of the channel cake, high strain air is blown through the hole plate. The high tension air enters the channel cake and does air-water substitution, removing the water staying between the particles of the channel cake.

Crushing interaction
The really water powered chamber acts again to press the moving plate further into the channel chamber. As the elastic seal around the plate can be distorted, the thickness of the channel cake inside the chamber becomes more slender and the excess water in the channel cake is crushed out in a mechanical manner.

Stomach press process
The APNM series utilizes high tension quality of 0.6-0.8 MPa to swell the stomach of the channel plate and crush the channel cake for additional dewatering.

Cake release process
The super water driven chamber pushes the moving plate to the far end through the linkage and opens the primary arrangement of channel chambers, and afterward utilizes the helper pressure driven chamber to open the excess chambers thus to empty the channel cake.

Configuration highlights.
◆ Basic construction, steady and dependable activity, simple to fix and keep up with.
◆ The plan life of the fundamental machine is over 20 years.
◆ Low introduced power, each 230M² channel press including two taking care of stomach siphons has an introduced force of just 37kW, and the working power is under 25kW.
Vertical twofold oil chamber with three-sided wrench gadget (1) The channel plate is uniformly focused on in general, which guarantees the perfection of opening and shutting the channel plate of the channel press.
(2) The upward oil chamber isn’t exposed to outspread power, and its life expectancy is in excess of multiple times that of the flat oil chamber.
Portioned opening (1) Unique helper pressure driven chamber sectioned opening innovation, steady and dependable construction.
(2)The channel plate opens rapidly and easily.
(3)It has free creation patent.
◆ Take on switch blowing air to clean the channel fabric, great impact and long existence of channel material.
◆ Embrace PLC programmed control, basic activity and dependable activity.
◆ It very well may be moved over and over.
The general construction is basic, the body is little and occupies little room, and there are no unique prerequisites for the establishment, no foot bolt fixing is required.